How to to become a Pet Groomer in Singapore? - Hachi by Tokyo [2023]

How to to become a Pet Groomer in Singapore? - Hachi by Tokyo [2023]


Are you passionate about pets and interested in a rewarding career? Becoming a professional pet groomer in Singapore may be the perfect choice for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps and resources needed to embark on this fulfilling journey. From requirements and qualifications to training programs and career prospects, we've got you covered.

What is a Pet Groomer?

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Before delving into the details, let's first understand the role of a pet groomer. A pet groomer is a skilled professional who provides grooming services to pets, including bathing, brushing, haircuts, and nail trims. They work closely with pet owners to ensure the well-being and aesthetic appeal of their furry companions.

Regulatory Bodies and Associations in Singapore

The pet grooming industry in Singapore is overseen by various regulatory bodies and professional associations. These organisations play a crucial role in maintaining industry standards, ensuring ethical practices, and providing opportunities for professional growth and networking. Notable examples include the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) and the Singapore Professional Groomers Association (SPGA).

Values that we believe are important to a Groomer's success!

Compassion, patience, attention to detail, effective communication, professionalism, adaptability, and continuous learning are key values that every groomer should possess. These values go beyond technical skills and play a vital role in delivering exceptional service and building strong relationships with both pets and their owners. By embodying these values, you can create a calming and comfortable environment, achieve outstanding grooming results, and provide personalised care that meets the unique needs of each pet. These core values form the foundation for a successful career in pet grooming, allowing you to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of the animals you care for.

Here are some places to Learn Professional Pet Grooming in Singapore

  • Art of Pets Grooming School
    • Art of Pets Grooming School, led by Principal Park Sang Hun, a KKF Master Groomer, specializes in Poodles and Terriers and teaches the Korean way of scissoring. The school offers flexible scheduling options for working professionals.
  • Singapore Kennel Club (SKC)
    • Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) stands as the oldest and most recognized national canine association in Singapore. SKC provides dog grooming courses and promotes responsible dog ownership through its accreditation and courses.
  • Pawrus® Pet Grooming Academy
    • Pawrus® Pet Grooming Academy is renowned for its Senior Pet Grooming Instructor & Grooming Director Jasline Aiw, who excels in Fear Free® settings and teaches positive grooming techniques. Enrollment is based on a selective process.
  • Hachi by Tokyo
    • Yes that is right our team at Hachi by Tokyo is now offering Pet Grooming apprenticeships right in our humble little store! Find out more below!

At Hachi by Tokyo we are offering pet grooming apprenticeships!

For those aspiring to become pet groomers, Hachi by Tokyo is offering an exciting apprenticeship program. Gain hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced groomers, learn grooming techniques, and develop your skills in a supportive environment. Take the first step towards a successful pet grooming career with Hachi by Tokyo. Contact us here if you are interested in joining our pet grooming apprenticeship!

Career Prospects and Growth Opportunities

The pet grooming industry in Singapore presents promising career prospects and growth opportunities. As pet ownership continues to rise and pet owners prioritise the grooming and well-being of their pets, the demand for skilled groomers remains high. Career paths may include employment in pet grooming salons and spas, starting a pet grooming business, specialising in specific breeds or niche areas, and continuing education and professional development.


Becoming a professional pet groomer in Singapore requires dedication, training, and a passion for pets. By meeting the necessary requirements, acquiring the essential skills, and taking advantage of training programs, you can embark on a fulfilling journey in the pet grooming industry. Start your career today and make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners.