Discover Pawfect: Looking for Pet-friendly Locations in Singapore? [2023]

Discover Pawfect: Looking for Pet-friendly Locations in Singapore? [2023]


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For pet owners in Singapore, there's nothing more rewarding than sharing every day experiences with our beloved companions. Thanks to Pawfect, an innovative, community-led pet directory, finding pet-friendly locations has never been easier.

Unleashing Pawfect

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Pawfect is revolutionising the way pet owners explore Singapore. This user-friendly app not only lists pet-friendly places, it fosters a sense of community amongst pet owners. Pawfect brings together local businesses, upcoming pet-friendly events, and a platform for shared experiences—all in the palm of your hand.

How we found out about Pawfect!

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At Hachi by Tokyo, we go beyond providing pet grooming services in Singapore. Our mission is to create a safe and happy space for both you and your pets! Creating a serene and welcoming environment for pets and their owners. That's why we found Pawfect to be a natural fit—our shared mission to improve the lives of pets and promote local businesses that welcome them made this a no brainer.

Testimonials: Pawfect in Action

Don't just take our word for it, hear what our customers are saying about Pawfect! One Hachi by Tokyo client shared, "The Pawfect app makes planning our weekend adventures so much easier. We've discovered new parks, cafes, and even dog-friendly events we wouldn't have known about otherwise."

Our Hachi by Tokyo clients will find Pawfect to be a perfect companion. Looking for a place to unwind after your pet's spa day? Need a pet-friendly café for a date with your four-legged friend after their grooming session? Pawfect's got you covered.

Stay tuned for Pawfect's upcoming community events that bring together local businesses, pet lovers, and an array of fun activities for your pets. These events provide excellent opportunities for networking with other pet owners in Singapore and discovering local businesses that cater to your pet's needs.

Time to join the Pawfect community!

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Pawfect is an invaluable tool for pet owners, providing a convenient way to find pet-friendly locations in Singapore, connect with a community of pet lovers, and explore local businesses that welcome pets.

Download Pawfect today and start a new adventure with your furry friend!

Click here to download the pawfect app! 🐶